Friday, 24 April 2015

ANZAC spechial asembly

This is the ANZAC crosses and we had a special assembly so we remember ANZAC day. And there was a Sergeant here .

Xtra maths results

this is my Extra math results I got 3 right and 17 wrong but I  Try to do better next time

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

blue eggs

 tCreated with Padle This is my blue eggs puctur i had to right the things what happen in the story.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Mihi

This is my Mihi in Maori. I got my family to help me write it up.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My woven art work

Making a Woven photo Reflection

  1. What are you most pleased with? Why / why not?

The squares match.
I like the red colour

2. What did you learn from making your woven picture?
Think about measurement, cutting, alignment, the weaving process

I learnt how to do under over under over
I had to measure 2 centimetres and I learnt how to rule the lines to start the woven artwork.

3. What did you find easy?
Think about measurement, cutting, alignment, the weaving

I found measuring my paper with Mrs Linda the easiest.

4. What did you find difficult?

Doing the end bit because my pieces were a bit small for the end of the of the big paper.

5. Who helped you with your woven picture?

Miss Paton helped me with the woven picture

6. What would you change? why / why not?

Nothing my picture is just right

7. What would you do to improve your woven picture next time?
I would do the cutting myself next time

How to make chocolate crackles

                   Title: How to make chocolate crackles

Ingredients list
1 cups of rice bubbles
2 icing sugar
1 cup of coconut
3 tablespoons of Cocoa
250 grams Kramilta
paper baking cups


1.  melt the kramilta in a saucepan over the stove or in the
2.     place the baking cups on the plate
3.     pour cups of rice bubbles in the bowl
4.     measure one cup of icing sugar measure one cup of coconut and pour it into the bowl
5.      measure the Cocoa and pour it into the bowl
6.      pour the kramita into the bowl stir the ingredients together  
7.      spoon the chocolate crackles mixture into the baking cup
8.      refrigerate the Chocolate Crackles for three hours


Ice cream combinations

This is what I did on my ice cream combinations. I put the chocolate first then I
put hokey pokey and then it was strawberry and then I had to put strawberry before
the one that comes after the second one.

Chocolate Crackles Recount

First we had to put the rice bubbles in the bowl. Tai, Joel, Alaree’o and Riley had to pour the rice bubbles in the cup and tipped them into the bowl. Then Nyjah put the icing sugar into the bowl. She measured one cup of icing sugar. Shailah measured one cup of coconut. Alex, Sharon and myself measured one tablespoon of Cocoa. After lunch time when it was nearly home time we ate the chocolate crackles. They tasted like coconut but during the second bite they tasted like chocolate rice bubbles. Me and Caesar went to go and get another one. When Alaree’o took the second bite he said this is the best thing I've ever tasted.