Monday, 14 December 2015

bird art

This is my bird art and this is what i'v done for today.

Stained Glass Window Angel

This is my Stained Glass Window Angel. I used an overhead transparency, felt tip pens, tin foil, cardboard and sellotape to make my window. It looks great against the window.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Thinking groups 12 days of Christmas

This is my Thinking groups task and this is what i'v done we had to feger out a promblem but It was a Christmas problem.

ven diagram 4 circle

Today I have been learning to create a ven diagram on countries that celebrate Christmas.

Christmas around the world

this is my Christmas around the world task and this is wjat I'v done.

Friday, 4 December 2015


This is My XtraMath Results so this is whati'v done I got 18 right, 0 ticks and 21 wrong. I need to work on my 8,9,7,6.

Thursday, 3 December 2015


This is my XtraMath Results and this is what i'v done. I got 20 right and 3 ticks and 17 wrong. and i need to work on my 9's8's7's. Somtimes my 6's.

Revising writing

yesterday and today I have been working with shailah.we had to read over a sample pice of writing.
On Saturday I was at my Papa's, Aunts, and Uncles, house getting ready for halloween. When I saw my Papa he was dressed up as a  zombie he was really spooky. I was dressed up as a purple bat,. when I was ready  I looked  a bit  spooky.I was ready for halloween
Me and my Papa were going around the houses asking for lollies.

I went to a house that was very black and very spooky my Papa got scared I told him don’t worry It's just a house  full of declaration.There  were spiderwebs and bats and witches declarations  I knocked on the door and out came a freaky ghost man and a lady gave us happy treats I said to them next I went down to another house that wasn't spooky as it was cool going trick or treating we had a good time. knocked on the door and out came a black witch the lady gave us chocolate and chocolate

candy pumpkins.
When we stopped at Kings road we saw my friend Zahra and her Dad and her Baby. They were going trick or treat treating for yummy treats. me and my Papa were walking to Zara we asked could we come with you to
get yummy treats they said yes when we stopped down at the Cafe we had
a hot chocolate and a strawberry cupcake than we went back down to coates cress  to go to other houses for trick or treating  
When we saw another house that was even scarier.I said happy trinkle treat and out came a spider he gave us lollies and chocolate it was fun at halloween. It was time to go home I said bye to my friend Zara and went home to eat all the goodies.   

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


This is my XtraMath results and this is what i'v done I got 15 wrong and 0 ticks and 24 right.

Thinking groups

This is my thinking groups promblem for today and this is what I'v done.